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Presently Afloat

We’ve created this page to capture our canoes and boats that were, at some point, shown on other pages as ‘Sold’. For those that had prior full listings you only need to click on the description to view all of the details.

Others, that were restored to order from our inventory and never made it to the site in formal fashion, are also listed on this page. Several of them will show up in the ‘Rogues Gallery’. It was only recently that we realized we should be documenting all of our output, so photos are only available for some.

c.1875 Caleb Chase Guide-boat SOLD

c.1890 J.H. Rushton Guide-boat SOLD

c.1892 J.H. Rushton Guide-boat SOLD

c.1900 Mortimer Threehouse "Wapoose" Canoe  SOLD

c.1903 Old Town Ideal Fishing SOLD
Condition is near perfect. Requires refinishing and new canvas. White cedar ribs and planking. Spruce rails and ash decks. Precise history unavailable as records for serial numbers below 4000 were lost in a 1906 fire. Very rare – only 514 units made though 1923. Old Town Serial Number 146.

c.1910 J. H. Rushton Indian Girl SOLD
Very good condition, needs new canvas and interior hull refinishing. Sold by Folsom Arms Co. in NYC under their brand, Indian Girl.

1913 Old Town HW model AA grade SOLD
This AA grade canoe is an excellent example of very early open gunwale construction. The hull is in near perfect condition as are the original seats, decks and thwarts.

c.1915 B.N. Morris SOLD
Morris was arguably the finest builder of wood and canvas canoes in the United States. He used only the highest quality materials and coupled them with superb craftsmanship. As he was known to say “I only produce one grade of canoe – the best.” From his shop in Veazie, Maine he produced canoes from about 1887 to 1920 when fire consumed that facility. This is a very nicely preserved representation of his best work.

1915 Old Town HW Canoe SOLD

1916 Old Town OTCA SOLD

1919 Old Town Charles River SOLD

1920 Old Town Charles River with sponsons SOLD
Excellent condition with all original wood and hardware intact. Grade CS with Sponsons. White cedar ribs and planking, Birch decks, thwart and seats. Includes original floor decking. Painted black with 4-inch bright red stripe under gunwales. Sold on 4/19/20 to Albany Hardware & Iron Co. Albany, NY.

1924 Old Town Squarestern with sponsons SOLD
Good condition. Needs minor carpentry, new canvas and interior hull refinishing. Grade CS, White cedar planking and ribs. Spruce Gunwales. Maple Decks. Spruce Thwarts. Dark green. 193rd of approximately 800 made, assumed to be one of about 300 made with Sponsons. Delivered on July 5, 1924 to Von Lengerke & Detmold’s store at 349 Madison Avenue, NYC for use as a display. Entire inventory purchased by Abercrombie & Fitch in 1928.

1926 Old Town HW SOLD

1937 Old Town Yankee SOLD

1937 Old Town HW SOLD
In near perfect condition. Requires new canvas and interior hull refinishing only. Grade CS with Ash decks, seats and thwarts. The gunwales are white spruce, the ribs are white cedar and the planking is red cedar. All of the wood and hardware are original and intact.

1938 Penn Yan Fisherman SOLD

1948 Penn Yan Hunter SOLD
Poor condition. 8 cracked ribs (known at this time), several lengths of planking need to be replaced, as does the canvas. Stems, gunwales, seats and thwarts all in very good shape. Red cedar ribs and planking. Spruce gunwales. Marked ‘WWK’, assume this to be W.W.Kay, the original owner.

1948 Penn Yan Hunter SOLD
Very good condition. Needs minor hull repair, may just be able to sand and repaint canvas. Red cedar ribs and planking. Spruce gunwales. Marked ‘WWK’, original owner.

1949 Penn Yan Rainbow SOLD

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