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frequently asked questions
restorastion in progressWill you restore my old canoe?

At this time we cannot take on restoration jobs for others as we are consumed with our own inventory. There are a number of canoe/boat restoration operations throughout the US, and you are welcome to contact us for possible leads in your area.

Can I purchase unrestored watercraft from your inventory?

Generally not.  We prefer to do the restorations ourselves as it is a very exacting process, and if done improperly, some of the historical value of the craft can be lost.  However, if you have done restorations in the past or possess a powerful desire to take on a major project, please contact us.

Will you purchase my old canoe?

Maybe, but you’ll probably be disappointed with the price we’ll pay. The going rate for quality restorations ranges from $3,000 to $5,000 depending on the amount of work involved. Market prices for watercraft without true historical import are also in this range. So, you get the picture. Having cleared the air with that, we are always on the lookout for good quality antique canoes and guideboats. If you’ve got an old one hanging around and don’t relish the thought of investing a substantial portion of your free time in refreshing it, give us a call or send us an email. If nothing else, you might derive some satisfaction in knowing that your heirloom has been rejuvenated to enjoy a new life.

Will you perform a restoration to my specifications?

Certainly.  If you have a preference for varnish, type of finish, paint color/design, etc. we should be able to accomodate you on any unit that has not been, or is not currently in the process of being, restored.

What type of documentation will I get that describes the craft's authenticity?

Serial Number
A.  For our Old Town models, you will receive a copy of the actual production record indicating the build specs and original owner.  Additionally, we provide copies of the age appropriate catalog pages describing each model.  These records are only available for OT models built in 1906 and later since earlier records were lost in a fire that year.  For models made before 1906, we offer a reasonable guess based upon what we know of production history and conversations with staff at Old Town.

B.  For our Penn Yan models, each has a serial number that indicates the year and model.  Since Penn Yan ceased their operations, detailed records have been tough to come by.

C.  The age of our Guideboats' can only be estimated as most makers more than 100 years ago didn't bother to date their work.  Knowing the dates the maker was active and comparing the designs with their other output, we can again make a good guess.  We’ve consulted with the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake, NY and extensively researched their archives for a more complete picture of the guide-boats we have now. Dr. Stephen Sulavik was instrumental in the identification and dating of our Rushton, Ricketson and both Martins.

Are your restored watercraft 'water worthy'?

Absolutely!  Our restoration process is designed to provide full functonality for many years.  Of course, you are welcome to simply display these works of art, but it would truly warm our hearts to know that these craft are plying a lake somewhere and giving great enjoyment to their new owners.

How can I take delivery?

We are happy to assist you in arranging transportation from Buffalo, but ultimately, shipping will be your responsibility.  Our concern is with the inability to control the handling after the craft leaves our facility.

Do you exhibit?

We exhibit infrequently.  These events are quite costly and our operation is far more a "labor of love" than it is a typical business (typical in the moneymaking sense). Feel free to contact us and we'll advise you of upcoming events that we might attend, and you are always welcome to visit us in beautiful Buffalo, NY.  The winters here are the best!

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Not Buffalo.

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