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lake placid
One of us paddling the 1937
Old Town Yankee.
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We are proud members of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association. These folks are extremely dedicated to preserving and promoting the legacy of wooden canoes. Many members are incredibly knowledgeable and are more than happy help people out with matters ranging from identification to restoration techniques. The cost of a WCHA membership is quite low and we're of the opinion that all who either own a wooden canoe or have an interest should join up. They can be contacted at (

Our membership in the Antique and Classic Boat Society is also very important to us. The ACBS runs some truly great shows around the U.S. and is a singular force for keeping antique watercraft in the public eye. Their tendency is to concentrate on the "big ones", although small craft are shown considerable respect. Again, the cost of membership is very reasonable. You can find out more about them at (


John Montague, Ph.D. has been very helpful in leading us in the right direction for both restoration and historical resources. John is a professor and Director of the Maritime Center at Buffalo State College. He has also been helping lead the charge for what will be a state-of-the-art Maritime Museum in Buffalo, New York.

Hallie Bond, Curator at the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake, New York (, has been a valuable resource for us. The Museum hosts a world-class collection of all things Adirondack, particularly canoes and boats. Hallie’s book "Boats and Boating in the Adirondacks" ( is not only an excellent reference work but an entertaining read that will be enjoyed by anyone interested in Adirondack history. She has graciously offered her address as a reference source for canoe and boat questions in general (

Stephen B. Sulavik is the author of an extraordinarily complete and definitive treatise on Adirondack Indians titled “Adirondack – Of Indians and Mountains, 1535 – 1838” available here ( and at The Adirondack Museum Store. As a consequence of his forthcoming project, he has accumulated a vast trove of information on Adirondack guide-boats and their makers perhaps equaling or even surpassing that of Kenneth Durant. We worked very closely with Stephen as he guided us through a meticulous identification and dating process for our guide-boats. His knowledge and attention gave us tremendous respect for him and his skill as a researcher.

A Brief and Insufficient Eulogy
In April 2015 Dr. Sulavik passed away. This was a significant loss, not just personally but for the community that studies Adirondack guide-boats, collectors and most importantly, those who relish rowing them. Stephen Sulavik was by far and away the most guide-boat knowledgeable person on the planet. Ironically, he never agreed to be put forth as an ‘expert’ whenever we referenced him, either on this website or in our correspondence with others attempting an identification or requesting guidance. He was the consummate researcher, teacher and a generally great guy. Our relationship with him spanned more than a decade during which we collectively identified more than 60 guide-boats, and in the process, gained an incredible amount of knowledge. During our visits to his home he and his wife were always the most gracious hosts and the times we met in the Adirondacks for ‘study sessions’ were as pleasant as they were memorable.

Concerning his much anticipated book on Adirondack guide-boats, we’ve been in touch with his family and can report that the manuscript is essentially complete and in the capable hands of his eldest son who assures us that it will be published. Keep your ears to the ground as this will certainly be a great legacy, by a great person, covering all the details of a great watercraft.

Jerry Stelmok and Rollin Thurlow have written the authoritative guide to canoe history, construction, and restoration in their book "The Wood and Canvas Canoe" published by Tilbury House in Gardiner, Maine. It was our bible when learning the restoration ropes and would be an excellent addition to your library.

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Lake Placid
Another example of Mike’s work – "Out on the ice", taken at Lake Placid, New York, February, 2009